Words: Gus Kahn; Music: Walter Donaldson (1925)


Yes, sir, that’s my baby,
No, sir, don’t mean maybe
Yes, sir, that’s my baby now.

Yes, m’am, we’ve decided –
No, m’am, we won’t hide it,
Yes, m’am, you’re invited now.

By the way,
By the way
When we reach the preacher,
I’ll say:

“Yes, sir, that’s my baby,
No, sir, don’t mean maybe,
Yes, sir, that’s my baby now!”


“Yes Sir, That’s My Baby” was a hit for Ace Brigode in 1925 and for Eddie Cantor in 1930. The song has become a standard that has been recorded by over 100 artists in genres from jazz to country.


So here’s a wonderfully bubbly version from 1925 – the year the song first appeared – sung by a long-forgotten crooner called Blossom Seeley, accompanied by two pianos. There are a lot more words here than given above: 2 verses and 2 choruses in total, which are rarely heard, but a lot of fun.

For a muchmore recent version, check out this performance at a 2010 concert by the IMH’s Diamond Jubilators Jazz Band, with IMH founder John Diamond M.D. on drums:

And here is the Sing-A-long version for listening to and downloading:

Yes Sir, That's My Baby