Words: Roy Turk; Music: Fred E. Ahlert (1930)


Gee, it’s great,
After being out late,
Walkin’ my baby back home.
Arm in arm,
Over meadow and farm,
Walkin’ my baby back home.

We go along
Harmonizing a song,
Or I’m reciting a poem.
Owls fly by
And they give me the eye
Walkin’ my baby back home.

We stop for a while,
She gives me a smile
And snuggles up close to my chest.
We’re starting to pet,
And that’s when I get
Her powder
All over my vest.

After I
Kinda straighten my tie,
She wants to borrow my comb
One kiss then
I continue again
Walkin’ my baby back home.


“Walkin’ My Baby Back Home” is a light, popular song that hit the charts in 1931 and has been well-known ever since. It was revisited in the 1950s, both on record and as the title song from the film starring Donald O’Connor, Janet Leigh, Buddy Hackett, and Scatman Crothers. In the film the song was performed by O’Connor.


Here is a video version by Dino – Dean Martin that is:

And here is the Sing-A-long version for listening to and downloading:

Walkin' My Baby Back Home