Words: Jack Norworth; Music: Nora Bayes (1908)


Oh, shine on,
Shine on harvest moon
Up in the sky,
I ain’t had no lovin’
Since January, February, June or July.

Snow time
Ain’t no time
To stay outdoors and spoon,
So shine on,
Shine on harvest moon,
For me and my gal.


“Shine On, Harvest Moon” was one of quite a number of moon-related Tin Pan Alley songs of the era. The song was debuted by Bayes and Norworth, a married vaudeville team, in the Ziegfeld Follies of 1908 to great acclaim. It became a pop standard, and continues to be performed and recorded into the 21st century.

During the vaudeville era, songs were often sold outright, and the purchaser would become the songwriter of record. As such, there is some dispute over who truly composed the song.


Here is a version of “Shine On, Harvest Moon” from the opening credits of a Western of the same name, featuring Roy Rogers:

Here is a light, playful version by Teresa Brewer:

And here is the Sing-A-long version for listening to and downloading:

Shine On, Harvest Moon