American Traditional


1. She’ll be comin` `round the mountain
When she comes.

2. She’ll be ridin` six white horses
When she comes.

3. And we’ll all be out to meet her
When she comes.

4. Singing “ay-ay-yip-ee-yip-ee-ay!”

Note: As with all folk songs, many different versions are known.  The above four verses are often used.


This famous campfire song was a originally an African American spiritual titled “When the Chariot Comes” and dates back to slave times.  The familiar words probably date from the 1800s. For more on the song, see its Wikipedia entry.


Here is one you can sing along with played and sung by Peter Muir – it has the same words as above and is in a key that works well for most people:

She’ll Be Comin’ ‘Round the Mountain

Here’s a nice, very folksy youtube version from the 1930s (with different words)