Words: George A. Whiting; Music: Walter Donaldson (1927)


When whippoorwills call,
And ev’ning is nigh,
I hurry
To my Blue Heaven.

You turn to the right,
A little white light,
Will lead you
To my Blue Heaven.

You’ll see a smiling face,
A fire place,
A cozy room,
A little nest
That’s nestled
Where the roses bloom.

Just Mollie and me,
And baby makes three:
We’re happy
In my Blue Heaven.


This charming number was a huge hit for Gene Austin, and has since become a Tin Pan Alley standard. The music for “My Blue Heaven” was written in 1924: Donaldson wrote it one afternoon at the Friars Club in New York while waiting for his turn at the billiard table. The song was written while Donaldson was under contract to Irving Berlin, working for Berlin’s publishing company. George Whiting wrote lyrics adapted for Donaldson’s music, and for a while, performed it in his vaudeville act.


Here is the Gene Austin hit recording. The chorus starts at 0:40.

And here is a swinging version, with the great Bing Crosby playing around with the melody.