Words & Music: Stephen Weiss & Bernie Baum (1949)


Put another nickel in,
In the Nickelodeon:
All I want is having you
And Music! Music! Music!

I’d do anything for you,
Anything you’d want me to:
All I want is kissing you
And Music! Music! Music!

Closer –
My dear, come closer:
The nicest part of any melody
Is when you’re dancing close to me.

So put another nickel in,
In the nickelodeon:
All I want is loving you
And Music! Music! Music!


The biggest-selling version of “Music! Music! Music!” was recorded by Teresa Brewer. It became a #1 hit and a million-seller, however it has been rumored that some radio stations refused to play the record because of the thought that the lyric “I’d do anything for you/Anything you’d want me to” might be construed as indecent. It became Brewer’s signature song and earned her the nickname Miss Music.


Here is a classic video of the song from 1955, sung by the lovely Teresa Brewer, who was the first to popularize it.

(There is a small difference in the lyrics she sings – line 3 she sings “loving” instead of “having.” “Having” is in fact the original: your choice!)

And here is the Sing-A-long version for listening to and downloading:

Music! Music! Music!