Words: Edward Madden; Music: Percy Wenrich (1912)


We were sailing along,
On Moonlight Bay;
We could hear
The voices ringing;
They seemed to say:

“You have stolen my heart,
Now don’t go ‘way…”
– As we sang
“Love’s Old Sweet Song”
On Moonlight Bay.


“Moonlight Bay” was a very popular song from the early twentieth century, which was often sung in a Barbershop Quartet style. It was later featured in a 1951 musical film with Doris Day called On Moonlight Bay. The song remains well-known today, and is often sung with the Barbershop-style “echo” part.

“Love’s Old Sweet Song” refers to an Irish folk song that was published in 1884.


Here is a 1913 recording of the song, by the Premier Quartet with Billy Murray. The chorus starts at 0:50 and includes the “echo.”

Here is a version with Bing Crosby and his son, Gary. Bing sings the song solo first, so it is a good version to learn from.