Love songs are one of the most important categories of songs if our interest in music is to actively enhance the lives of others, rather than just entertain them.  It can be argued that one of our deepest problems is we do not feel loved, so love songs have a powerful purpose.  Many of the songs on our site – in fact, so many popular songs – are about love one way or another, and most have a positive message.  But most often that message tends to be a little obscured or even just hinted at.  These two songs are special, in that they state the matter directly. For this reason, they are among the most important songs ever written: If sung to someone with sincerity and feeling, they have enormous positive power.  We have used them on our outreach programs with seniors for years.  We have even witnessed them helping transform troubled marriages! They are:

Irving Berlin’s “I’ll Be Loving You Always”
Cole Porter’s “True Love” (from the movie High Society)

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As well as these exceptionally direct love songs there are other “secondary strength” love songs that can be used beneficially, that is, where is the message is still clearly “I love you” but it’s not stated as clearly and unambiguously as in the two songs above.  These include:

All the Things You Are
Dearly Beloved
How Deep Is the Ocean?
I Love You Truly
I Only Have Eyes for You
Love Me Tender
Let Me Call You Sweetheart
More Than You Know
The Nearness of You
They Didn’t Believe Me
You’re the Only Star in My Blue Heaven