Words: Sam M. Lewis and Joseph Widow Young; Music: Ray Henderson (1925)


Five foot two, eyes of blue,
But, oh, what those five feet can do!
Has anybody seen my girl?

Turned up nose, turned down hose
Flapper? Yes sir, one of those!
Has anybody seen my girl?

Now if you run into
A Five Foot Two
Covered with fur,
Diamond rings,
All those things:
Bet your life it isn’t her!

But could she love, could she woo
Could she, could she, could she coo!
Has anybody seen my girl?


Officially titled “Has Anybody Seen My Gal?”, “Five Foot Two” was a popular song of the 1920s and has become a Dixieland standard.

Because songs of that era were often performed without being recorded, there are conflicting sources regarding who originally composed “Has Anybody Seen My Gal?”, as the song was often adjusted and had lyrics and verses added or removed several times.


Here is a version by the Golden Gate Orchestra, aka. The California Ramblers – the first group to record the song:

Dean Martin swings it:

And here is the Sing-A-long version for listening to and downloading:

Five Foot Two