Words: Johnny Mercer; Music: Jerome Kern (1942)


Dearly beloved, how clearly I see,
Somewhere in Heaven you were fashioned for me.
Angel eyes knew you,
Angel voices led me to you.

Nothing could save me,
Fate gave me a sign.
I know that I’ll be yours come shower or shine.
So I say merely,
Dearly beloved be mine.


“Dearly Beloved” became a major hit for Fred Astaire, who sings it in the film You Were Never Lovelier, and it was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Song. Later in the film Rita Hayworth (singing dubbed by Nan Wynn) reprises the song with a brief dance, alone in her bedroom.


Here is the Rita Hayworth / Nan Wynn version from You Were Never Lovelier:

And here is Fred Astaire singing the number earlier in the film: