Words: Benny Davis; Music: Harry Akst (1926)


Baby Face,
You’ve got the cutest little
Baby face,
There’s not another one can
Take your place,
Baby Face:
My poor heart is jumpin’,
You sure have started somethin’.

Baby Face,
I’m up in heaven
When I’m in
Your fond embrace.
I didn’t need a shove
`Cause I just fell in love
With your pretty baby face!


“Baby Face” is a well-known Tin Pan Alley number in general, but it is especially known as a snappy Al Jolson number (see below).


Here are two 1948 video recordings by “Jolie.” They were created for the benefit of Larry Parks, who would play Jolson in the 1949 movie Jolson Sings Again.

Here is a number one hit from the year of publication, by Jan Garber’s Orchestra with vocals by Lyricist Benny Davis. The vocals start around 1:30 in: