Words: Buddy Kaye & Fred Wise; Music: Sid Lippman (1948)


A you’re adorable,
B you’re so beautiful,
C you’re a cutie full of charms.
D you’re a darling, and
E you’re exciting, and
F you’re a feather in my arms.

G you look good to me,
H you’re so heavenly,
I you’re the one I idolize.
J we’re like Jack and Jill,
K you’re so kissable,
L is the love light in your eyes.

M, N, O, P,
I could go on all day.
Q, R, S, T,
alphabetically speaking you’re OK.

U made my life complete,
V means you’re very sweet,
W, X, Y, Z.
It’s fun to wander through
the alphabet with you
to tell you what you mean to me.


“‘A’ – You’re Adorable” is a lovely song that is well-remembered not only for its quality, but also its educational value as a teacher of the alphabet!


Here is a live recording by the wonderful Dean Martin:

Here is an educational version from Sesame Street in 1969, with muppet-creator Jim Henson as the vocalist! The song starts 40 seconds in.