Singing Songbirds Winter 2017 Concert – Community Member Review

“Well you know I am a big fan already, but this was really different… The Songbirds were not performing or acting, they were just singing! That meant that we the audiences could also really relax! I was not worried if they were going to make a mistake (which they didn’t anyway). My colleague Julia said she was inspired too. The solos were lovely and add color and show the individual voices that make up the chorus. I thoroughly enjoyed being an audience member! Fingers crossed about being able to participate myself next semester!”

The Joy of Singing

No previous musical experience or skills necessary!
No auditions!
Shower singers welcome!
Ability to read music NOT a requirement!

The Singing Songbirds brings together seniors, people with disabilities, families, and just about anyone who loves to join in the fun of singing. Starting with a core group of just twelve in 2010, the Songbirds has grown to more than forty members.

Suitable for anyone who loves to sing, regardless of ability or experience. Our repertoire consists of a wide variety of pop songs, show tunes, folk and classical music.

Chorus singing has never been as easy or so much fun!


The Allen Lounge at The Fountains at Millbrook
79 Flint Rd
Millbrook, NY 12545

Fountains Residents:

(845) 677-5871

“My troubles melt away once I am in my spot among the sopranos. It is only an hour each week, but it is one of the most pleasurable and relaxing things I have done for myself in years. I have always wanted to try singing and this group is accepting of all levels of skill so it is perfect for me. I love how the different voices blend and I enjoy meeting the people that the voices come from. There is a terrific mix of songs that we get to work on and I am finding out what I can do with my voice. The leaders share their expertise with humor, compassion and dedication. The result is a community of spirit and engaging, joyful music.”

–Lori Adams, Songbirds member and wonderful photographer