Dr. John Diamond: The website of our founder John Diamond, M.D.  Dr. Diamond is a pioneer not just in the use of music for health, but more generally in the field of holistic medicine.  His work combines a vast array of medical, cultural, spiritual and philosophical approaches into an integrated, dynamic whole. The result is The Diamond Path of Life, which synthesizes his research into a powerful approach to health, healing, and life.

Life Energy Arts: for books, recorded seminars, and other products related to our approach with music to other aspects of Dr. Diamond’s work.

Peter Muir: website of IMH Director contains information about Dr. Muir’s work as a performer, educator and musicologist, activities united by his overarching interest in using music to enhance  mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Judith Muir: website of IMH co-director Judith Muir focusing on her unique approach to the Alexander Technique and the body of physical procedures and other work associated with John Diamond, M.D.

Enso Reiki School: The Enso Reiki School offers reiki and complementary therapies such as the Alexander Technique, and lessons in creative arts, which emphasize the expressive aspect of Enso Reiki. It was founded by faculty members of the IMH.

Life Energy Foundation

John Diamond Dart

Recreational Musician

3 major organizations concerned with autism based in our area (Hudson Valley, NY):

Autism Society of the Hudson Valley
Autism Walk & Expo of the Hudson Valley
Autism Directory Service of the Hudson Valley