Melissa Knowles has been involved in art, photography, film and music her whole life. She has gained qualifications from the UK, Australia and New York and her work has enhanced dance performances in the UK, theatre in Australia as well as art and music projects in New York, both for children and adults with and without disabilities.

Her global experiences have allowed her to develop a unique approach to using art and music as a tool for wellbeing, as well as developing a new approach to engaging others in altruistic art and music activities based on the work of John Diamond, M.D., with whom she has personally studied with for over fifteen years.

She is currently the Director of Artistic Activities for Vital Enterprises where she curates Dr. Diamond’s art and photography, alongside coordinating programs and exhibitions to engage people in his work.

Her more recent programs have involved training teachers in the therapeutic use of art at Kingsborough Community College; convening the Youth@Art and student docent program at the Greenwich Arts Council; art outreach programs for adults with mental illness at Academy House, Poughkeepsie, NY, and music outreach programs at Laurel Ridge Health Care facility in Ridgefield CT.

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