dr-diamond-imgThe founder of the Institute for Music and Health is John Diamond M.D. Dr. Diamond is the world’s leading authority on music and health and more generally a pioneer in the field of complementary medicine. He began in psychiatry but expanded into holistic medicine, concentrating on the totality of the sufferer, the interrelatedness and interdependence of the inseparable triune of body, mind, and spirit, how they relate, and how all three must be involved in every healing process.

Dr. Diamond is a best-selling author of over twenty books. His writings on music include: Music and Song, Mother and Love (Enhancement Books, 2001); The Way of the Pulse: Drumming with Spirit (Enhancement Books, 1999); the Life Energy in Music Series (3 vols., Archaeus Press, 1981-86); and the forthcoming Life Enhancement through Music (Enhancement Books, in press; introduction by IMH director Peter Muir). In addition to his books on music, Dr. Diamond has also recorded many hundreds of lectures about music and composed some thousands of special therapeutic songs.

The IMH is based on the philosophy, derived directly from Dr. Diamond’s teachings, that the true purpose of music is a therapeutic one. This core belief is behind all our work, whether giving piano instruction or running community music programs. The staff of the IMH, including its directors Peter and Judith Muir, have studied intensively with Dr. Diamond for many years.

Dr. Diamond’s work on music does not exist in isolation but is part of an integrated system, developed by half a century of clinical practice, study, and research, called the Diamond Path of Life. His system combines diverse modalities including medicine (Western, Oriental, and complementary), psychiatry, philosophy, spirituality, and the Arts, especially music. The result is a universal, fully integrated approach to health with few parallels in human culture.

Visit Dr. Diamond’s website to learn more of his unique work.